John Brasaemle


Fine Art Prints

All prints were originally created in graphite and printed as offset lithographs.
Editions of 100 signed, titled, and number.
The cost of each print is $25.00.
All are shipped flat, unmatted, and unframed using USPS Priority Mail Insured. Shipping for one to four prints to any one location within the continental USA will be $10.00. Additional prints or multiple locations will increase the cost, please contact John for further details.
All four Narrowguage Railway images are 10" X 14" and can be matted to a standard 16" X 20" frame.
"Grizzly Morgan" image is 10" X 14".      "Har of the Bar" image is 9" X 12".        "Skinner Andrews" image is 10" X 12".
"Hawken" image is 9" X 10".                  "Deer Hunter" image is 7" X 9" and is hand tipped with colored highlights.

John has fine giclee limited edition signed and numbered prints of birds also. Please visit his bird website to see those.

The Narrowguage railroad drawings were done of the Chama Line in Southern Colorado and the Georgetown Narrowguage Railroad.

All of these mountainmen exist in the 21st century but live the ways of the 19th.
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